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About Us

Who is Glendale Home Health Care?

We are a group of professional health care providers who take a team approach, customizing our services to meet the special needs of those with acute and chronic illnesses, including accidents, surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

There's no place like home for healing.

When you're ill or recovering from an injury, there's no place you'd rather be than at your own home with the people you love. Glendale Home Health Care offers a full spectrum of home care services, ranging from nursing assistance with everyday needs to physical therapy and speech therapy to high-tech procedures. Simply being in comfortable, familiar surroundings has proven to be one step toward a speedy recovery.

What is home health care?

Home health care, simply put, is health care delivered in a patient's home. Home health care services can range from in-home nursing care or rehabilitation following a hospital stay to ongoing assistance with daily living activities such as shopping, meal preparation, or bathing. Home Healthcare

Technological breakthroughs allow us to deliver state-of-the-art home care medical equipment and to provide advanced medical care to patients right where they live as instructed by the patient's physician.

Bring great health care home with Glendale Home Health Care:
Home health care is the foundation of what we do. Glendale Home Health Care coordinates numerous aspects of patient care and offers a full range of in-home services by our quality nursing staff. Our home care services include

1. Nursing care
2. Cardiac care
3. Disease and pain management
4. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
5. Infusion nursing
6. Wound care

Home Healthcare